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JuneFest is the annual awareness festival for individuals who are deafblind. For more information about JuneFest and its related events please visit www.junefest.ca

The National Deafblind Awareness Month initiative is made up of service providers and consumer groups working in partnership to publicize June as Deafblind Awareness Month. Our goal is to share information about the unique disability of deafblindness and the supports available through intervenor services with members of the public. We are interested in planning and executing an annual deafblind awareness campaign each June that is celebrated from coast to coast.

On June 26, 2015, the Canadian Senate passed a motion to recognize June as Deafblind Awareness Month across Canada. This motion will help “to promote public awareness of deaf-blind issues and to recognize the contribution of Canadians who are deaf-blind.” It will additionally “recognize the strength, courage and dedication that deaf-blind people show every day in living their lives and facing their daily challenges.” June is also the birth month of Helen Keller, an internationally recognized person who lived with deafblindness.

For more information about National Deafblind Awareness Month please visit Click Here


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Group picture of individuals who are deafblind, their intervenors and other important people standing in the parliament buildings

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