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Services are offered to seniors who have a combined vision and hearing loss. CHKC helps families, professionals and volunteers who assist seniors living in their own homes or supported living environments. There are strategies available to assist seniors with vision and hearing loss in their daily lives; the key is in identifying seniors who need help and providing the support necessary.

Seniors Services are available to hard of hearing or deaf seniors with low vision.

What does Seniors Services do?


Functional Assessments

Functional assessment to identify areas of struggle and safety issues within the home.

This includes:

  • Identifying and addressing safety issues that may be apparent to the individual who are deafblind
  • Suggest tools and skills to maintain independence
  • Connect with instructors of the Training Centre to offer one on one classes in
  • Safe travel, safe cooking and life skills.
  • Low vision or assistive devices demonstrations can be provided
  • Assistance with Hearing Aids and care


Provides case management

This includes accompanying deafblind seniors to any relevant doctors or specialist appointments. They will also connect with other agencies and services to provide the senior with a full spectrum of support across all applicable venues.


In Service Presentations

Presentation available about deafblindness for Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Homes, Retirement Residences or other applicable agencies or organizations. These presentations cover:

  • What is Deafblindness
  • How to communicate with individuals who are deafblind
  • How to maintain independence for people who are deafblind
  • Team problem-solving for any issues that arise relating to the individual who is deafblind.



Rendez-Vous at Helen’s

Rendez-Vous at Helen’s is a bi-weekly get together for individuals over the age of 55 who are deafblind. This group is peer directed, where the participants decide the programming for the year and have the opportunity to present on topics that are important to them. In each get together, there is a learning or activity component as well as opportunity for socialization and peer-to- peer learning.



Zoom In and Redefine

Zoom In & Redefine Sensory Loss is a Partnership Project between CHKC, DeafBlind Ontario Services and CNIB and is geared towards finding sustainable solutions to support one of the most vulnerable groups in Ontario. By promoting awareness of the unique needs of seniors living with dual sensory loss, we will ensure that medical, mental health, and other community professionals will have the tools necessary to provide proper support for those in their care.

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