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The Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC) is the only residential training centre in Canada for people who are deaf-blind. Courses are taught one-on-one, using the individual's preferred mode of communication. CHKC also provides support to deaf-blind seniors and their families and workers.

Through our web site, our goal is to inform persons who are deaf-blind, their families, service providers, volunteers, supporters, and the general public about the needs, concerns and challenges of persons living with both vision and hearing loss.

New Funding Provides Skills Training

During the coldest winter that many of us can remember, it warmed the hearts of the Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC) team to receive new short-term funding from Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS).

As background, CHKC opened its doors in 2001 to provide deaf-blind Canadians with training opportunities and services, and to raise public awareness about the needs of people who are deaf-blind. The organization provides services to adults and seniors living in the Toronto area. People who live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across the province can access CHKC's services when funding is available. Those who live outside the GTA are able to stay at CHKC while they are receiving training, however funding opportunities are limited.

"We are grateful for the government funding CHKC receives from MCSS and pleased that they continue to recognize the need for the services we provide to consumers living throughout the province," said Cindy Accardi, Executive Director of CHKC. "With the new short-term MCSS funding, CHKC was able to welcome three consumers from different Ontario cities for training, offer workshops for consumers in their own communities, and provide a comprehensive first aid training and certification program in Toronto."

12th Annual JuneFest Event

JuneFest 2014

The 12th Annual JuneFest will be held on Wednesday June 18th at Mel Lastman Square, 5100 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario. 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Please visit www.junefest.ca for more information about the event and information on the 4th Annual JT Award.

JuneFest Sponsors

CHKC Offers Braille Repair

CHKC now offers Braille Repair. Whether your Perkins Brailler needs a cleaning, tune-up or other repairs, send your machine to CHKC and we will fix it for you. The cost for general maintenance and repair is $75. Costs may increase if replacement parts are required. Contactlhaydon@chkc.orgfor more information.

iPad®, MacBook® & Technology Workshops

Due to the high demand of these very popular workshops, CHKC continues to hold iPad® and MacBook® workshops when possible. These sessions provide the opportunity for consumers to learn about the many accessibility features of Apple® technology and includes tips on Apps that are particularly useful for individuals who are deaf-blind.

Thanks again to the MCSS Capacity Building Initiative which provided funding to purchase the technology and deliver these workshops.

CHKC plans to offer more of these workshops in the future. If you are interested in learning more about iPad® tablets and MacBook® computers please contact us atinfo@chkc.org.

Rendezvous at Helen's Seniors Drop-In Club

Are you deaf-blind and over 60? Do you want to get out more often and meet some new people? CHKC hosts a senior's drop-in bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. Every meeting features a different activity such as: health care clinics (diabetes, heart health, foot care), guest speakers, cooking and nutrition, games, and of course time to socialize and have a cup of tea.

If you would like to join us, please contact CHKC atinfo@chkc.orgor Tel/TTY: 416-225-8989. To view a calendar of dates and activities
pleaseclick here.

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